RFU Position Statement: Anti-Capitalism

Class analysis and prioritization of the most economically oppressed women is essential to radical feminism.

Radical feminist class analysis has historically had close ties to Marxism. However, Marxists often fall short on recognizing how poor/working class/proletarian women and women of colour are oppressed differently under capitalism than men of the same class and race.

We are explicitly anti-capitalist. We recognize that women are disproportionately poor under capitalism, and that capitalism depends fully upon women’s unpaid, underpaid, and otherwise exploited labour. This is especially true on the global scale where women (and children) make up the vast majority of those living in poverty, and usually have significantly less or no sociopolitical power, education, resources, etc. The bodies of women and girls are also disproportionately exploited and violated under global capitalism in the form of prostitution, pornography, ‘sex’ tourism, and associated trafficking.

As radical feminists, we recognize that no one can dismantle capitalism through their individual choices. We are critical of any “feminist analysis” that is highly individualistic, focused on personal ’empowerment,’ or suggests embracing capitalism as the solution to women’s oppression. At the same time, we encourage everyone to reject harmful choices, actions, and words that perpetuate misogyny and hurt women as a class.

[This post is intended as an expansion on our statement of principles (About Us page) and not as a comprehensive post on the subject.]


RFU Position Statement: Reproductive Rights

We fully support every woman’s right to an abortion at any point and for any reason.

We trust women to be the best judges of their own circumstances and fully capable of making their own decisions. We are strongly against shaming and ostracizing women for choosing abortion. We reject the idea of compulsory motherhood. We reject religion-based fearmongering that women are condemned for choosing abortion.

Further, as part of our anti-capitalist position, we believe that full access to proper and respectful medical care should be free and accessible to all. Abortion is a necessary procedure that should not be cost-prohibitive. Women also need access to comprehensive and accurate information about abortion in order to challenge the many myths and stereotypes surrounding it.

At the same time, we recognize that the language of reproductive rights can be co-opted by the political left in order to increase men’s access to women’s bodies. We also recognize that women may be coerced through economic, social, or other means to have abortions they do not want. We believe in being vigilant and critical about the misuse of reproductive rights without letting that misuse take away from our core pro-choice position.

[This post is intended as an expansion on our statement of principles (About Us page) and not as a comprehensive post on the subject.]